Hannam University

How to Apply


Students currently enrolled at sister institutions that HNU has an exchange agreement with are eligible to apply to the Exchange Student Program.

Entry requirements

1. A completed application form with all necessary supporting documents
2. A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or 3.0 on a 4.5 scale
3. Must be a currently enrolled student

Required Documents

1. Application form with one identical photograph (3?cm, recently taken, full face)
2. Study Plan
3. Personal Statement
4. Original of Academic Transcript
5. Application to the CKLKS
6. Certificate of Enrollment certifying that your are currently enrolled at the home institution
7. Two letters of Recommendation (Reference for Academic Performance)
8. Copy of Insurance Certificate
9. Two Photos (3?cm colored photograph)
10. Copy of Passport (Photograph page)

Application Procedure

1. Complete the application form (type or print neatly in ink)
2. Mail the application form to:

Center for International Relations
Hannam University 133, Ojeong-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon 306-791, Korea
Tel +82-42-629-7739
Fax +82-42-629-7779
Email: cir@hnu.kr

Application Deadline:

Spring Semester (March 2- Mid June) : December 15
Fall Semester (September 1-Mid December) : June 15

3. When all application materials are received, the Center for International Relations will review the application.
The application process usually takes four weeks. Accepted applicants will receive an admission package that includes a Certificate
of Admission for obtaining a student visa (D-2) as well as information about registration, accommodation, visa, insurance, and reply
forms. Once students have received their admission package, they must submit reply forms directly to the Center for International
Relations at the address mentioned above.

4. Please note that it is the student's responsibility to find out the immigration requirements and to process the necessary documents for entry to Korea. This information can be easily found in the Korean Consular office nearest you.

Buddies for Exchange Students

Our university operates a 1:1 buddy system so that the exchange students setting foot in Korea for the
first time each year can adapt to life in Korea and make more friends. To a student in Korea for the first
time, the buddy is an invaluable companion who helps not only with life at Hannam University, but also
with many other things necessary for life in Daejeon and in Korea. Each student is assigned a buddy
who will travel together with each new arriving student from the airport on the day students arrive in
Korea, and for the entire semester as friendship develops between buddy and student through sharing
experiences such as course application, dormitory life, and Korean cultural experiences. If students
adapt to school life while spending time with an international student buddy for a semester, they will be
able to adapt to Korean life quickly. Also, students may choose to live without an official buddy starting
with their second semester.

Application form