Hannam University

Exchange Student Program (ESP)

The Exchange Student Program is designed for foreign students attending institutions linked with HNU. Exchange students selected by our sister school can study at HNU for one semester or one year without paying tuition, and on-campus housing will be arranged by the university.

With its continuing emphasis on globalization, Hannam University offers a variety of courses taught in English both at Linton Global College and by English-speaking professors in various disciplines. They are designed to provide an excellent opportunity for both international and Korean students to study their chosen academic fields in an international setting.

Students have the option to study for one or two semesters at HNU as a non-degree seeking student or an exchange student. Exchange students are requested to apply through the international office of their home university. For exchange students from sister institutions HNU has an exchange agreement with, the tuition and application fee are waived. In case that there is an additional agreement between the two schools, room and board can also be waived.

Students enrolled in the ESP may register in any of the courses offered by HNU, either in English or Korean, depending on their language proficiency. This program can be most advantageous to international students considering jobs in Asia or with multi-national companies as well as to those pursuing advanced degrees in international or area studies.