Hannam University

HNU International Program

In line with globalization, Hannam University has developed sisterhood relationships with 163 other universities and institutions in 32 countries. Additionally, HNU sends hundreds of students to overseas institutions each year. Students from other countries also come to visit HNU each year which gives HNU a true international feel.

Between semesters students from HNU are able to go abroad to other countries to take part in short term language training programs hosted by sister universities and institutions. Also, HNU International Program even offers a unique program for students that may not normally be able to visit for a semester or a year by offering the Korean Studies Summer Program (KSSP). The KSSP has provided many international students the opportunity to learn a lot about Korea in a short three week period during the summer vacation.

The International Program also works with the Linton Global College to make sure that there are openings available for international students who wish to study at HNU. The Linton Global College is unique because it is the first program in Korea that offers a four year degree with courses taught only in English. The International Program also works with the Center for Korean Language and Studies to provide quality Korean education for students who wish to study Korean and obtain a certificate for Korean teaching.

One of the biggest pieces of assistance that is offered by the International Program is the Buddy System. Students arriving from abroad will be matched with a buddy who is a Hannam Student. These buddies will help students adjust to life in Korea as well as help them with anything that they may need.

Calling all pioneers... Step Up... Reach Out!

Welcome to Hannam University (HNU) - founded by courageous and passionate
pioneers who came from the U.S. long ago to help found a University that
maintained Christian ideals and imparted students with the highest standards of
educational instruction. These first pioneers gave up many creature comforts to
help plant the seeds that would grow into Hannam University, the work of these
pioneers lead to the development of something far greater than any of Hannam's
founding fathers could have expected. Today, Hannam University has moved beyond its humble roots and is now connected to many other universities around the world. The Hannam family has grown so large that Hannam graduates can be found on every continent on Earth and now the Hannam legacy and family extends directly to you in your country and culture as we are inviting you to come and join us. HNU is reaching out to you, inviting you to seize the opportunity to be infused with this pioneer spirit which has touched the lives of so many others in the past and now it will inspire you to reach out to others.

"I went outside to find a friend, but could not find one there. I went outside to be a friend, and friends were everywhere." - Payne

That quote above highlights the spirit of relationship that is here at our main campus located in Daejeon, South Korea as well as at our new campus located at the cutting-edge Daedeok Innopolis, a science and technology research complex in Daejeon. This undeniable energy and indelible spirit extends to all of our 163 partner schools around the globe. Some people say that there are some things in life are just so good that they must be shared with others and this is exactly what the Hannam experience is like. Every year students from all walks of life and from countries both near and far away come to Hannam to study and even after they leave they encourage others to come to Hannam University as they share their amazing experiences with their friends and loved ones in their home country.

Hannam. Guaranteed to be different, guaranteed to be dynamic, and guaranteed to create lifelong memories

And why South Korea, you may ask?

South Korea is in the heart of Asia as it is beside China and Japan. As a country it has been influenced by its neighbors as well as being an influence on its neighbors in ancient times. With over five thousand years of history and culture South Korea has a lot to offer. Modern Korea has much to offer in terms of technology, education, and of course the "Korean Wave" of entertainment that ranges from film, to dramas, and of course music. All of this makes Korea an ideal place to come and experience this part of Asia. Make the choice to come to Korea and Hannam University in order to take part in life-changing experiences for the mind, body, and soul within an extraordinarily ancient and yet thoroughly modern culture. Attending Hannam University organically leads to sharing with others so that everyone learns from each other. In turn, no matter what your background, the missionary spirit of HNU and its people will stir and mobilize you to actually desire to reach out to serve others by sharing these experiences with others so that you also may become a leader among those who have not yet experienced life abroad or in Korea.

We like to call this the "positive snowball effect" We believe that the study abroad experience must not be your own. It is something that must be shared. It is a collective web of shared experiences that is focused on others as well as on the self. All pioneers must share what they have discovered, just as all famous explorers have in the past such as Marco Polo who came from the west to the East long ago and he shared his experiences which helped change the course of human history. You have the choice of staying in your home country and studying there which is certainly a comfortable choice but you may choose to take a different less travelled path just as Marco Polo chose a different path into self-discovery. Robert Frost once wrote a poem titled 'The Road Not Taken' which ends with the following lines:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

So, look down the path that you are pioneering and envision those you will impact in the future and at the same time picture simultaneously acknowledging the powerful impact made by our Hannam forefathers of the past who have sacrificed to offer you this grand opportunity. Which path will you choose; the one that is at home or the one less travelled but that may make all the difference?
These are the ones who truly paved the way for the study abroad experience. But a path is not pioneered unless others continue to travel it.

A global vision and a global society starts with each individual. If you have a desire to study abroad, Hannam University has an established and inviting international society that offers an abundance of programs, degrees, and courses to grow, enrich, and inspire - all with the intent of galvanizing the multicultural pioneer spirit within you. We celebrate this spirit, and invite you to be a part of it with us.