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The following course guide will help you to narrow your focus to particular subjects and programs, and find essential information about specific departments and faculties and the courses which are available. Please use the following links below to find information on all Hannam University colleges.

Linton Global College

The Linton Global College's aim is to educate future experts equipping them with both theoretical and practical knowledge to work in international business. This is a unique college with courses that are conducted solely in English, where students are constantly immersed in an international atmosphere, both in terms of their education and their living style. The entire faculty of Linton Global College consists of English speaking foreigners educated abroad. The College offers two majors: the Department of Global Communication and Culture offers courses in journalism, theories of communication, photography and media utilization etc; while the Department of Global Business offers a wide range of business courses that aim to provide students with a well-rounded education to prepare them for the international business world upon graduation.
The Linton Global College provides a "study-abroad" experience combining English immersion and international culture with high global standards of academic excellence. The Global Communication Arts major is an interdisciplinary program suitable for students who want to become proficient international specialists in culture and business. The main focus is training competent professionals with strong Christian integrity, cosmopolitan minds, and proficiency in foreign languages; all underlying the ability to work with expertise in the global marketplace. All classes will be conducted in English by qualified international faculty.

Reestablished in 2015 as Linton School of Global Business  

Global Business (established in 2015 through merger of the Global Communication and Culture and Global Business majors)

All Global Business classes are conducted in English. The Global Business program was also selected by the Ministry of Education for a local university specialization program that offers support for educational expenses for a period of five years. The Global Business major is divided into two tracks, International Trade and Marketing and Media and Culture.

Global IT Business(established in 2015 through the merger of the Management Information Systems programs of the College of Economics and Business Administration)

The Global IT Business Major has been selected by the Ministry of Education as a Special Education Program and will be financially supported for 5 years. The major is divided into two tracks, Smart Management and Global IT Services.